1. November 2010

Culinary Fair 2010

Hey guys!
Today I want to report about the Culinary Fair "Kulinart"in Frankfurt that took place on Sunday.It was very interesting and delicious!

I have been waiting for that day to come since July when I had first read about it!Woohu:)
The fair took place in Frankfurt(how convenient)in an old brick-lined hall which is normally used as a theatre and for all different kind of events. All in all, the perfect background for culinary excellency:)

I had high ambitions when we (my boyfried and I)arrived because I wanted to see and eat some delicious food. And alas, I was not dissapointed.
There were freshly made noodles...

Ready to be eateeeen:)

Excotic fruits and vegetables...

Hot, hot..

The pretty colours lured me and said: "Eat me".

Ready for a quiz?
Ok ,guess what it is...:

(Answer: Sheep's milk cheese with grape crust, very strong and tasty)

Roasted Italien bread with feta cheese, black olives and tomatoes

Some coffee art...
Second question of the day: What is it?

So cute ^^

(It's a bear. No comment:D)

It's time for some chocolate...

The most beatiful pastries I have ever seen..

Tomorrow I'll share with you the rest of my pictures of the Culinary Fair. Now I have to head to work!!!
Have a nice day!

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