15. April 2013

Coconut Porridge and Honey-poached Mango

I have 3 days left until the new  term of university starts. (It actually started today, but since my computer decided to go on vacation this post could't be published until now!)
Ah, please help! The start of every new term is also the beginning of packed lunches and snacks, and sometimes even breakfasts. Since I am very health conscious person  and can get really picky when it comes to the food I put into my mouth, I prefer to always have my own lunch alternatives. My bag is always loaded with containers full of sandwiches, chopped veggies, fruits, trail mix, salads…
For breakfast, I also love to take my porridge or oatmeal with me. Several times a week university starts very early in the morning. That means I leave the house at 6 am to catch my train. I usually eat my packed breakfast on the 1 1/2 hour train ride. It’s not ideal but I am always happy when I have a healthy choice on hand. The best way to take your breakfast porridge with you is in a glass jar. I have started to collect old empty jars because they are great containers for everything that is a bit liquid and spills easily. I had quite some spilled messes in my bags, I can tell you. No fun to have your books smell like your lunch, even if it tastes yummy.
If you do not fell like cooking your porridge bright and early, don’t hesitate to make it a day ahead. On Sundays I like to cook a bog batch of porridge to take with me the next few days. Everything you have to do in the morning is quickly chop up some fruits, fill everything into  an empty glass jar and rush out the door.

The recipe:
The star of this dish really is the mango. Normally I only make cooked fruits in fall and winter. Cinnamon and clove studded apples, plums or pears. They make a great addition to every porridge and are a great alternative for colder months.
But since my body is craving something more summery this time of the year, I kept the basis of the recipe and only changes the fruit and spices.
The orange juice adds a fresh taste and complements the sweetness of the mango nicely. I also added vanilla, because I am on love. Vanilla is great in everything, don’t you think?

For the porridge I used a mixture of millet and quinoa, just to make things a bit different from my usual millet bowl.
Honey poached Mango

1 mango, peeled and cubed
½ cup (125ml) water
½ cup (125ml) orange juice
2 Tbsp creamed honey
½ tsp ground vanilla

In a small pot bring water and orange juice to a simmer. Add mango cubes and honey and simmer on low for 5-7 minutes. Add vanilla, sit and let sit for a a few minutes.
Serve over rice pudding or porridge.

Coconut Porridge

½ cup millet, rinsed
¾ cup quinoa, rinsed
400ml can coconut milk
½ cup water

Rinse millet and quinoa under hot water and add into a pod. Cover with coconut milk and water and bring to a boil. Simmer on medium heat for about 10 minutes or until liquid is absorbed. Leave the lid on the pod and remove from heat. Let sit for a few more minutes.

Serve porridge with poached mango, shredded coconut and crushed hazelnuts.
Make sure to soak the porridge in the honey-mango juice, it will add a fantastic flavor to it.

What's you favorite breakfast on the go?

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