8. April 2013

How to dry you own herbs

Browsing the internet and reading other blogs can be very helpful at times (what am I talking about, it is always helpful!).
Yesterday I stumbled upon Melissa's idea for home-dried-herbs.
I am a huge fan of fresh herbs and I love to add them to about everything. They are a great addition to any dish, hot or cold, and they most importantly, they look pretty.
However, no matter how hard I try, I always end up with half a bunch of withered herbs in my fridge. I hate it when fresh produce goes to waste and that's why Melissa's tip comes in very handy.
I actually never had the idea to dry my fresh herbs, because...Well, I don't know.
But it is so ridiculously easy, that I will definitely do it again.
Just chop up any herbs you have in your fridge, spread them in an even layer on the cutting board and let them sit in a dry place for about 12-16 hours or overnight. Since it is still freezing where I live, I placed the herbs under the heater.
They were perfectly dry after 16 hours.
Fill the dried herbs into an airtight container and store in a dry place.

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